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Berlin Chemie’s position in Ukraine


We continue to be deeply concerned by the tragic situation in Ukraine, the devastating losses of civilians and the suffering of the entire Ukrainian population. This led us to take several further and immediate actions:

In addition to the original donation of Berlin Chemie, a further donation of 200,000 euro directly to Red Cross was carried out at Group level, complemented by 60,000 euros donated worldwide by the employees (matched equally by the Group), totalling the direct donation to Red Cross to 420,000 euro. Including the continuous drug donations, our total contribution is well over 1 million euro by now.

We had stopped all advertising spend in Russia, ceased all new investments and implemented a headcount freeze. International sanctions exclude drug supplies and we continue to supply medicines to Russia focused on patients who depend upon them.


We stand with the Ukrainian people and hope for a peaceful resolution as soon as possible.



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